Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Chocolate Dude

I'll get over this chocolate things obsession in a minute, but for now - check it. Not only do the Spanish make chocolate monkeys, they make chocolate dudes too.

This was on La Rambla, which is probably Spanish for The Mall. The vibe and the buzz here were vibey and buzzy, with outdoor eating places where they served beer in goldfish bowls (tacky as hell) and there were pet shop stalls where you could buy chameleons and aligators and turtles and all sorts of weird shit.

But really, life sized chocolate dudes. Who would have thought.

On a separate note, the word 'blog' is bloody awful. Apparently there is a world-wide campaign to come up with something more phonetically appealing. Any suggestions?


bee vee vee said...

You should have paid him those chocolate coins instead of real money. He would have moved real fast then.

Quick said...

What are you talking about, move? He was chocolate.

Anonymous said...

i don't think the dud was chocolate. he's in the sun. he would melt. i think it's a meat dude pretending to be chocolate.

beeveevee is right. your an idiot.

Boy Wonder said...

Truly you must have felt like a man among Kings?

On the new name for "Blob" thing, as "Web Log" is put togther the make the aformentioned word, why not do it the right way and just use the start of each word to get "Wog"... oh... oh, right... really?