Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Times, Are They A-Changin'?

I have to write a story about a new theatre company and the director has asked me to come along tonight to the opening of their first production in their new theatre space, so I offered to review the play as well as write the story. I'm also seeing something at the Opera House tomorrow night (I never would have thought there would be a time in my life that I would be working in the kitchen at the Sydney Opera House part of the week, then going along to see theatre there later in the week to write reviews. Life is funny.)

I've also been quite hooked on Miss Snark's blog where there has been a lot of discussion about rejection letters for fiction lately, and all of this has really been getting the writing juices going again. I have about three volumes of rejection letters and have largely given up with fiction, but damnit, when it works it is the best thing in the world.

I sent off a story last night, one called Silver Screen Daydream, a sad comedy that I am quite happy with. Quite probably it will not be accepted, but it's fun that it's out there and might also be accepted. It was only languishing on my hard drive with no chance of anyone ever reading it. At least this way it now has a chance of being read by others. I have no idea why I have not been sending it around. I'm entering another new one in a competition. No humour in this one, just sadness, but I like it and I think it's got The Thing. Going to try somewhere like Granta with it too.

I think it's time to dig out a few more that I've neglected and maybe settle down and write some new ones and really, I have to have a go at a play. I decided to pretty well give up clubbing and doofing for the rest of winter, and I'm kind of wondering if I'll bother going back to it when summer kicks off. Clubbing and music and doofing have been my life for years now. I wonder what will happen.

Oh yeah - and I applied for the position of editor of a website that is very funny. Humour that's right up my alley. They wrote back to tell me how much they enjoyed reading my application and that they would be in touch in the next couple of weeks. I can't tell you (whoever you are) how much I would like to get that little gig. It probably won't happen and that won't be the end of the world, but hell, cross yer digits.


Amra Pajalic said...

I have to agree with the sentence that when it works it's fiction is the best thing in the world. Go with the energy and who knows what you'll come up with.

I'm a Miss Snark daily addict. She rules.

Who knows how many times I've walked past your store when I did the traps in Newtown. I'm going back to Melbourne in a few weeks though so if I do one last hoorah down King St I'll drop in. You should be easy to spot. I'm guessing there won't be too many Cyclops Eyed people in there!!!

Quick said...

She is snarkdictive.

Do drop in. The shop is hard to miss. I'm only there two days a week, Mondays and Fridays or Saturday. And my gammy eye should be back to normal in a few days. Week tops. I think.