Thursday, May 11, 2006

A Berserker In Barcelona

Looking through the photos from the trip I've realised that I was a little obssessed with architecture. There are all these perfectly framed shots of mosques and turrets and gothic churches and the Familia Sagrada (my god that place was amazing) and the wreck of West Pier in Brighton and temples in Bangkok... all of which would probably bore you shitless. (And I'm quite capable of doing that without the assistance of pictures).

So here is this one. Speaking of obssession, I'd like to draw your attention to the speed at which The Dreaded One's hand is moving. Holy crap, I've never seen anything like it. This was at an awesome market just off La Rambla in Barcelona (that's right, I've had enough of posting pics of Turkey, and we do have a lot to get through, kiddies), and it was awesome... oh, I said that already. Ok, so the food in Turkey was pretty bland, and The Dreaded One and I do like good food, so we went a little nuts when we arrived in Spain. We had been in Barcelona all of about 15 seconds when we found this huge market and spent hours in there drooling at the vast array of gourmet produce. But then The Dreaded One spotted this candy stand and look out. Seriously, she shoulder barged her way in there, dragged small crying children out of the way, tipped a wheel chair dude over, used an old guy's walking stick to beat off the few remaining stragglers and filled that bag up before I knew what all the commotion was about. It was like the battle scene in Braveheart. Poor fools. They should have known better than to get between The Dreaded One and her lollies.

Pretty damn funny that there was such a mind-blowing selection of cheeses and meats and exotic fruit and veg and crusty breads and - gourmands that we are - all we walked out with was a bag of impossibly bright candy. I think The Dreaded One is the only person I know who chooses her food to coordinate with her hair.


bee vee vee said...

hehe. I can only imagine how manic TDO was after consuming a bag of high-grade processed sugar.

perhaps that's what Gaudi was on when he did the Sagrada Familia... otherwise known as smurf church.

Quick said...

I liked smurf church a lot. Whatever Gaudi was on made him a genius. He just needed to have been looking up before he wandered in front of that tram.