Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Stress Fractures

Excuse me while I vent... I said yes to some catering work because I need the dollars. It's made it a pretty full week - I'm basically working through until Sunday. I have to leave to see a play in the next couple of hours to review in the new mag I'm freelancing for. In theory, that's good because there will be drinks and I can unwind.

BUT the new mag had also asked me to think about doing a story on a certain major film festival that's about to start. I hadn't had time to think about it but didn't want to appear slack, so I did a bit of last minute reading and thought of an angle and sent it in just to say been busy, not slack. But the Ed sent it to the publicity people who liked it and want me to interview the festival director for the story. Not only is it a feature but it's the cover story, with the absolute latest deadline first thing Monday morning, which translates to Sunday night. I cannot fucking believe it. If I just had one day, it would be fine, but I'm playing with food and serving customers under stressful conditions all day long until Sunday night.

I hate cutting it this fine because... well what if shit goes wrong? They have booked the cover in, booked the story in and why did I say yes? What if the festival director is too busy or our hours conflict?

Just to spice things up a little, I've just realised I have no recording device for the phone interview and no time to buy one.

I think I am not going to enjoy this play tonight. I think my brain has stress fractures.

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His nostrils are uneven.