Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Spanish Socker

This is what I loved about the coast of Spain. We'd be walking along some windy track... that's windy as in it winds, not windy windy... as in the wind blows (ah, listen to me the wordsmith at work), and we'd come acros something like this. This around Loret De Mar where loud British people go to play soccer in their socks on the beach. Maybe they think it's why it's called soccer... or socker. Regardless, it was odd seeing so many different groups of people running around in their socks. It was like everyone hit the beach and saw other people doing the sock thing, so they all wanted to blend in and kicked their shoes off and ran around in their socks... in fact now that I think about it, that whole sock thing was really quite peculiar.

But this picture is not about playing socker. This is about wandering through a winding cliff-top track and stumbling upon too cool little cafes like this, where the wine is cheap and delicious and the view spectacular. About three seconds after I took this photo we were sitting down at that little table drinking said wine and gazing at said view. Perfection.

Hmm. I now have the urge to run around on an Australian beach in my socks, just to see what the attraction is. Wonder if it will catch on.

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