Sunday, May 21, 2006

Oracles & Glands

God I'm crap. As shitty as I'm feeling I know I'm not going to stop this blog. I'm going to start a dark one, but this one's about light, I think.

I'm listening to Kolliope's Oracles & Glands, and I love it and it's just got the most positive things to say. The last couple of months have been lacking in music (the week of psytrance at Soulclipse aside), but holy crap I like it. Do you ever get that thing when music really gets in there? When it gets in there and makes you go ahh yes, now I get it? This album makes me feel grateful for all the beauty I've seen. Like there is only good in the world. Highlights? Rainbow's Daughter is playing right now, and it's sublime. But True Value will come on shortly, and the one about Tabernacling With My Soul... hmm... Always The Arms is on now. These guys are so good.

I'm playing it loud and it's excellent music for a clear and golden Sunday morning, but I am very amused by the fact that The Dreaded One was so keen to go to a doof today, and she was going to set her alarm last night but said "Oh you usually wake up early, just wake me up." I woke up early, woke her up, but she's still asleep. I kissed her tenderly on the cheek and she punched me in the face and said (in essence) "Fuck off you fucking ridiculous piece of shit." So I guess the doof's not a happening thing.

Listen to Oracles & Glands. It's exquisite.

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