Saturday, May 20, 2006

George Loves Johnny

Wrote the first theatre review in months today, and it felt gooood. Hopefully there will be a lot more of that kind of thing, because I like getting free tickets and I like being paid to tell people what I think of stuff, even if, ultimately, it does feel a little bit odd. It's not like I've got a degree in theatre crtiticsm. In fact it's not like I've got a degree in anything. It's a bit baffling that I'm in a position to tell people what I think about anything at all. But you know, bring it on. The mag was happy that I did it at short notice, so provided they like the review I should get more work from them. I need work. I have no work.

I stuffed up the job interview the other day. It was pretty funny. I sent an intro letter in, and the reason the guy asked me in was because I was the only applicant to send a letter in without a resume, and he wanted to meet the kind of person who applies for a job without sending in a resume. I don't know, I just didn't feel like sending a resume because the previous phase of my work life rarely rarely has anything to do with the current one. At least until this magazine writing thing started. So I just gave him a rundown of my writing credits, which look more substantial once I write them down than I ever think they are, and he decided to get me in. I was in the top five of over a hundred applicants, but I stuffed up somehow. It was probably the poncho I was wearing. I guess you can take the dress-with-individuality thing too far.

Oh - I did my first stint on the set of All Saints the other day too. It's a popular drama I have never seen and I was in a bar scene. We had to mill about looking like bar people but without making any noise. You have to look at people and mime talking and laughing and being all conversational, and it's a crack up. Everyone gets the giggles because it's all so silly. I totally enjoyed it and would really like to do more. It would be fun to speak on telly too.

And finally, I'd just like to wrap up this post by asking what the fuck is wrong with people? Why are people so goddamned stupid? First there was the woman in front of me at the automatic cash-card teller who waited patiently in line and didn't start looking for her wallet in her back pack until it was her turn at the machine. She rummaged and eventually found it and then carefully took her card out, put the wallet back in her back pack, put her back pack on the front of her, erm, person, THEN got around to doing the transaction. AND she got a fucking printout of her statement before getting on with it. Fuck!

Then there was this absolute amoeba of a person who walked through the turnstile at the supermarket... almost. Seriously, he stopped just on the other side of it and wrote a fucking text message. Wot? Fuck man, I'm the biggest text junkie around, but that is just downright retarded.

But worst of all, I'm watching the news and that fuckwit George Dubbya Bush is standing there with his girlfriend, our Australian Prime Minister John Howard (who really needs to shut up as far as declaring the allegiance of the Australian people to Bush's psychotic international policies), and he's making some lame-arsed attempt at being funny. He's doing some cheesy routine to show what good mates him and his sidekick are, making jokey insults about his hair and his looks... fuck off!

So I wanna know - why are people so goddamned stupid?

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